Muskrat Falls : North Spur stabilization work

Client : Nalcor Energy Year : 2015-2016 Localisation : Happy Valley -Goose Bay, NL

Description :

Construction of a cut-off wall, slope stabilization and erosion protection of the upsteam sector of the North Spur. Also, drainage works, slope stabilization and erosion protection of the downstream Sector of the North Spur.

  • Clearing of vegetation (160 ha)
  • Excavation and sloping (1 075 000 m³)
  • Construction of cement-bentonite cut-off walls (27 000 m²)
  • Construction of till core (263 000 m³)
  • Construction of granular transition (560 000 m³)
  • Construction of slope erosion protection with rockfill and rip-rap (471 000 m³)
  • Crushing (100 000 m3)
  • Gravel screening (85 000 m3)
  • Instrumentation

There is a video of a part of our works:

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