Groupe Sana is the trade name that refers to the various companies and partnerships in Nunavut, created by Fernand Gilbert Ltée, i.e. :

984246 N.W.T. Limited (d/b/a Qamanittuaq SANA)

Kivalliq Contractors Group Ltd.

Qikiqtaaluk SANA Ltd.

These partnerships are all registered Inuit firms and recognized by the Nunavut Tungavik Inc.

These companies which are based in Nunavut, and more specifically, Baker Lake, Ranklin Inlet and Pond Inlet, allow us to offer our services within the northern territory.

Our work is in the development of the industrial and mining sites, the construction of the hydroelectric projects, roads, and municipal roads

Among the commitments taken with these partnerships, we are committed to hiring and developing the local workforce, getting involved within the community and ensuring that significant economic benefits remain in the communities and regions served.

Our services

Achievements / Challenges faced

Meadowbank Project

Various works for Meadowbank’s mine site Construction of dykes (Bay Goose-Vault-Saddle Dam 1-2) Raising of...

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Meadowbank Project – Building of the operation road

Building of the operation road and raising dykes Construction of a 50 km road between...

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Meadowbank Gold Project – East dike construction

Construction of a 2300 M dike with cement-bentonite core near Baker Lake, Nunavut Construction of...

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