General transportation

  • Regular or ultra-light semi-trailer with a 4-axle platform
  • 3-axle platform semi-trailer
  • B-type trains in various lengths
  • Van semi-trailers
  • Carrier trucks
  • Tanker trucks
  • Van trucks

Snow removal

Commercial, industrial, municipal and governmental

  • Snow blower • Grader
  • Spreader • Snow truck
  • Street plow truck • Tracked vehicles2

Specialized transport

Our expertise and our specialized and safe equipment allow us to transport extra heavyweight load on floats that can bear up to 100 tons.

We are able to meet extraordinary demands in regards to height, length, and width..

Bulk Material Transportation

We own a large and various fleets of 10- and 12-wheel dump trucks, 2-, 3- and 4-axle semi-trailers, and B-trains to suit all your needs.

Logistics – Storage – Transhipment

  • Large storage areas available for finished product and raw material
  • Accessible by train and near the main seaways and roads
  • Transhipment of various types of wagons
  • Boat loading and unloading management

Equipment rental service

We offer a wide selection of equipment for rental, with or without an operator. We guarantee modern equipment in mint condition

Personal rental service

We offer our clients the possibility to rent our highly-qualified and experienced workers services.

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