Health and safety is a concern of first importance for every stage of our operations.

We make sure to be compliant with the regulations and we respect the requirements of our companies and those of our master-builders. Our objective is to offer a quality work and to make sure that all our activities are made in maximum safety conditions.

Every member of our teams has to demonstrate his commitment and his responsibility through his actions and through his behaviour to respect and improve the rules of hygiene and safety. To do so, we lean on the active involvement of our teams to maintain a work climate where cooperation and respect prevails.

We strive to identify, evaluate and to control the risks that could affect the physical integrity of our employees, our subcontractors and our customers by integrating them into our preventive approach. In order to achieve this preventive measure, we make sure that every employee of the Group Gilbert is well informed about the risks surrounding him every day as well as the rules to abide in order to control them.

We maintain a proactive approach for the prevention of accidents within the framework of our operations.

Health and safety culture

Health and safety is at the forefront in every stage of our operations. Both for the Executive Committee, which is directly involved in all decisions regarding the health and safety of workers, as for the worker himself who must make every effort to comply with company regulations and those of our contractors. Every company stakeholder is responsible for ensuring that the prevention plan is respected at all times. Our team works with the same common goals and works in partnership to achieve the objective of ZERO injury(ies).

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