We have been operating on the industrial cleaning field for more than 40 years and our cleaning activities mainly include vacuum pumping, low pressure Hydro blasting, hazardous waste management, and emergency response for environmental accidents such as road spills or other. Our expertise is renowned in the aluminum, foundry, and wood industries.

Our Vision

  • Offer the best industrial cleaning services at best value, focusing on the employees’ health and safety.
  • Use innovative cleaning techniques while simultaneously paying attention to environmental concerns.
  • Listen to our customer’s needs.

Industrial cleaning is specialized work, often performed in a hostile environment. To meet the constantly expanding health and safety standards, our operators are the only ones in their field who underwent special training totalizing 88 hours of theory and practice.

Our Equipment:

  • Regular vacuum truck
  • Vacuum sucker truck
  • Combined truck (vacuum+ low pressure)
  • High and low pressure truck (4000 to 20 000PSI)
  • Emergency response unit
  • Complete clean-up of commercial and industrial buildings
  • Steam equipment unit
  • Mobile high pressure stream generator unit
  • Robotic mini-charger


  • Decontamination after potroom shutdown at the Rio Tinto’s facilities in Beauharnois and Shawinigan
  • Cleaning of potroom basements in RTA Alma and AP-60 plants.
  • Disposal of a major road spill in St-Romuald. Our low-noise emission trucks allowed us to work in an urban area without disturbing the population.
  • Emergency response to an accidental spill of a tugboat that sank in the Saguenay River.
  • Designing of a system called “Jackie” for scale removal on high-pressure lines (CSST “Innovation Prize” for Occupational Health and Safety)


  • Mobile high pressure steam generator unit
    • 125 HP high pressure system with generator
    • Generates 125 PSI steam or 175° Celsius uninterrupted hot water (40 litres/mi)
    • Highly efficient in:
      • Plant shutdown
      • Accidental spill
      • Heating of tank interior (heavy oil)
      • Degreasing of equipment
      • Ice removal of pipes and covers
      • Cleaning of boats


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