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Our extensive experience, multidisciplinary team as well as our complementary corporate groups allow us to respect all of our project schedule, and to meet the highest standards in terms of safety, environment and quality.

Since its beginning in 1957, Le Groupe Gilbert diversifies its activities to meet its customers’ growing needs. The companies within Le Groupe Gilbert stand out throughout Quebec, Nunavut, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The complementarity of each company allows Le Groupe Gilbert to realize projects, regardless of size and complexity.
Le Groupe Gilbert makes available to its clientele a complementary and multidisciplinary resource bank which main objective is to work in partnership with them.

Its numerous employees’ expertise and highly efficient technical resources have allowed Le Groupe Gilbert to develop customized solutions while meeting the industry requirements at all times.

History of Le Groupe Gilbert

In 1957, Mr Fernand Gilbert was a self-employed truck driver working tirelessly on the road. He was highly admired by his children, who were dreaming of following in his footsteps someday. Who would have thought that half a century later, this family business would become the flagship to our regional and national economy in the engineering field, thanks to the audacity, perseverance and determination of a family of pioneers. An important member of this family, Rachel Gilbert, Mr Fernand Gilbert’s spouse, was an exceptional woman who supported and guided her husband throughout the years.

At that time, Mr Gilbert was exclusively working in the snow removal business, with only one to three vehicles and a loader. With its outstanding achievements, this business slowly grew to specialize into various related branches of industries.

To this day, many members of this family have joined Le Groupe Gilbert. Like Fernand Gilbert, those passionate individuals have no other objective in mind but excellence.

Our Mission

Provide quality services in the fields of civil and mining engineering, transport and the environment in accordance with the customer’s satisfaction, while prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and protecting the environment.

Our values


Respect is at the heart of our business. We want to offer our employees a respectful and enjoyable workplace at all stages of our operations and for all stakeholders in the business.


We encourage employees to collaborate and cooperate to achieve team goals, and to acknowledge each other’s contribution. The realisation of a project is never the business of one person!


We are committed to working diligently to achieve the highest standards in the industry at all stages of our operations. Each employee must commit to work in accordance with company rules, policies and values.

Health, Safety and Environment

We comply with the most stringent standards and regulations to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and those of the individuals in the community in which we operate our business activities. We integrate health, safety and the environment at all levels through the leadership and proactivity of our team members. This ensures that we provide a safe and healthy work environment for all. Our objective: Zero accident.


Each member of our team is committed to working in accordance with the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity. Everyone has the responsibility to act honestly and with integrity while respecting these values ​​and those ​​of the organization.

Groupe Gilbert celebrates its 65th anniversary!

In 2017, Groupe Gilbert celebrates 65 years of business!

In 1957, Mr. Fernand Gilbert acquired his first truck, and Fernand Gilbert Ltd was born. There has been a lot of evolution through those 65 years. The company has developed from a small company with only a few trucks, to being one of the largest businesses in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean and Quebec; A company that started in Chicoutimi-Nord and is now present throughout Quebec, and several other Canadian provinces.

Groupe Gilbert has developed through the years by diversifying the services offered, and providing innovative methods to meet the needs of its clients. The qualified and dynamic employees of Groupe Gilbert have enabled the company to continually adapt, and to always offer quality services that exceed industry standards.

We are proud of the company’s progress over the past 65 years. We should all be proud to have spent 65 years in business, while remaining a family and regional company! Groupe Gilbert has a family history, and every member of the team is a part of this family.

Building this business has been an adventure… An adventure that will continue on to achieve many more challenges! Together, we will continue the amazing story that is Groupe Gilbert.


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