6 September 2017

2017 Health and Safety Week – Recharge our batteries

From June 12th to 16th, festivities for the Workplace Health and Safety Week were held under the theme “Recharge our batteries“. Each day was divided up into sub-themes and employees were able to participate in a variety of activities, which included:

  • Workshop on safe electric boosting of equipment;
  • Tasting of energizing smoothies including a “healthy walk” during the lunch break;
  • Gardening workshop which provides us with good and fresh vegetables from our community garden throughout the summer;
  • Workshop on Time Management and Priorities to help us to better manage our energy; and
  • Coffee break under the theme “Unplug” from work and technology.

The objective for the week was mainly about reaching people while integrating health and safety into our everyday lives through small actions.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the activities. It is one to add to the calendar for next year!



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