Vacuum pumping

Recovery of contaminated, organic, chemical, and waste material. Recovery of resource, water oil, and liquid and solid waste.

Complete clean-up of industrial and commercial buildings – Super-Sucker

Dust-removal, cleaning and others

High pressure water jet cleaning

5000 to 40 000 PSI

  • Tank cleaning
  • Unclogging of calcified line
  • Cleaning of heat exchanger
  • Cleaning of rock
  • Cleaning of concrete surface

Low pressure water jet cleaning 4000 PSI and Combination unit

  • Unclogging of drains
  • Cleaning of drainage culverts
  • Preventive maintenance of drainage systems
  • Emergency response unit
  • Draining and cleaning of all types of tanks
  • Cleaning of boats
  • Mobile high pressure steam generator unit
  • Robotized mini-charger cleaning
  • Disposal of road spills or other

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